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What is new in ActionOutline 2.1 vs 2.0?

Windows XP look and feel.

Sort outline items function. You can now sort subitems of any outline item alphabetically or by numeric order.

Advanced text formatting control. Now you can manage line spacing and intervals in the enhanced Paragraph dialog. Also, you may strip off all the formatting from the selected text using the new menu command "Clear formatting" in the Note Popup Menu and in the Note Menu.

Paste plain text to the note pane command. There is a simple command "Paste plain text" in the Note Popup Menu and in the Note Menu. Also, you may use Shift+Ctrl+Insert keyboard shortcut. This command allows you to paste text without formatting if it is available on the clipboard. For example, you may copy a web page contents and insert only plain text without formatting.

Improved OLE objects support. You can insert new OLE objects into the note pane using "Insert Object..." menu item in the Insert Menu. For example, you may insert sound recordings, equations or Visio drawings into the note pane.

Improved HTML export. HTML page code and layout is improved and cleaned up. Generic CSS styles are used. Output document is more compatible with different browsers. Fixed problem with not exporting some outline item style font attributes. Output document layout improved.

Backup global styles command is added to the Styles Management Dialog. This command allows you to backup all global styles available at your computer to the separate file. Later you may import any styles from this file at this or any other computer using "Import styles..." command in the same dialog.

Support for Windows XP icons with shadows for outline styles. Default outline style images are also updated to be more compatible with different OS.

Style properties dialog is improved. Style font preview is enhanced, now you can see how outline items of this style will look in different states. Style font selection is also improved.

Font face box now allows you to enter font face name directly. It allows you to enter desired font face name fast. Also, if the font of the selected text does not exist on your computer, you will see its name in the font face box. In the previous version of ActionOutline, this box was empty in such case.

Font size box also allows you to enter any font size directly.

Default document location is now My Documents. You may choose where to put documents by default between My Documents, ActionOutline folder or any other folder you define. If you had installed previous version of ActionOutline, then the default location will be the ActionOutline folder.

Print and Export dialogs are enhanced. Now they display a grid of all interesting options of the selected presets. This grid replaces the summary text displayed in previous version. Now you can easily check what will be printed or exported. All manipulations with presets are more consistent now. You may remove any preset and add default presets (built in the program) at any time.

You may turn on and off whether to add ending dot for print/export numbering.

New predefined export option added - export part of the outline into the separate document.

Export success dialog is improved. This dialog is displayed when outline is exported successfully and you can choose what to do next.

Outline backup file names are changed. New name is "Backup of Document name.~ao". Use "Open..." menu item in the File Menu and select "Backup of outline files" file type to access backup copies from ActionOutline.

Now you can open backup files from Windows Explorer. Backup files now have their own icon and you may double-click them to open in ActionOutline.

ActionOutline displays various usage tips at startup. You may access these tips from the main menu. Complete list of all tips is available at the Tips & Tricks section of this help.

ActionOutline now supports multiple monitors and large fonts properly.

ActionOutline setup now supports silent install. You can install ActionOutline without any interaction using /SILENT and /VERYSILENT command-line parameters of the Setup.exe program.

Fixes in this version:

- Favorites now remember their positions in the Favorites menu correctly.
- Import styles dialog uses the actual background color of an outline.
- Escape now correctly closes font face and font size drop down lists.
- Insert from the note pane problem fixed. In previous version, if you press Insert, while working in the note pane, and after editing new outline item title you press Tab again, focus is not moved back into the note pane. In this version, focus will move to the note pane. Now focus is always moved to the tree if you start editing outline item title. When you finish editing either by pressing Enter, Escape or Tab, focus is moved into the proper location.
- Status bar now correctly uses the corresponding font from the Font Options of the Options Dialog.
- After pressing Alt+S or "Save and minimize" button during outline item title editing, changes are always saved. In previous version, it was possible that actual saving does not occur.
- Main window animation and activation issues are fixed.
- Find next now works as replace next too if previous action was Replace.
- After program start, "Find next" function worked as "Replace...". Now it works as "Find...".
- Replace/replace all issues are fixed.
- Search under Windows 95 is fixed.
- Problem with ActionOutline not opening if loaded automatically at Windows startup is fixed.
- Now after dropping files from Explorer into the ActionOutline, newly added outline items has the File style.
- Problem with subitem insertion, when new item requires outline to scroll horizontally is fixed.
- Some unnecessary empty lines were removed from exported documents.
- Some HTML export problems were fixed.
- Splitter position is stored if you move it using keyboard shortcuts.
- Export to separate ActionOutline document now correctly supports export of outline items only.
- Style font sizes now always use setting from the Outline font section of the Font Options of the Options Dialog.

Also, this version contains various small fixes and improvements.

What is new in ActionOutline 2?

Rich text formatting for outline notes. Outline notes allow different fonts and colors, bold, italic, underline and strikeout attributes. You can align paragraphs and add numbering or bullets. There is undo/redo support for text editing. 

You can paste pictures into the document and perform custom paste with format selection. 

AO automatically highlights web and mail links and you can use single click to launch them (program's browser and mailer customization options are in use).

Outline item styles. You may assign predefined or custom styles to outline items. Style defines outline item font and color. You may define font attributes for non-empty outline items. By default, AO 2 uses gray color for "completed" items (i.e. marked with "done" flag), but you may pick any other color or assign additional options. 

Style also defines outline item icon. You may use any icon or bitmap and AO allows you to keep these images with outline document to allow transferring this document between computers without any additional file. 

Styles can be local (defined only for one document) or global (defined for all documents on one computer). You may import styles from other documents.

You may customize default note font and background color. In addition, you may use outline item font and color while printing.

Export to RTF and HTML. AO 2 exports outline to RTF and HTML formats. RTF format is fully compatible with Microsoft Word. You may open exported document with Word (or paste exported text from clipboard) and document map will display original outline structure. 

HTML format will show outline the same way it appears on print. AO exports outline icons and flags too. 

You may perform export to file or clipboard.

One-click export and printing using ready to use and user-defined presets. Now you do not need to change all print/export options each time you want to change output style. All settings for the desired kind of print/export are stored in the user-defined presets. To print or export an outline document you just select desired preset.

Fast access to your outlines using outline favorites. AO 2 allows you to organize your outlines into the outline favorites tree. Then you may quickly open it by selecting in the favorites menu. In addition, you may assign a keyboard shortcut to outline and open it very fast by pressing this shortcut.

Miscellaneous enhancements. Find/Replace progress bar shows current search location. You may quickly reopen recent outlines by using fast reopen toolbar. AO shows export progress during export operation. Program has context help and allows localization. You may see all keyboard shortcuts in the categorized keyboard shortcut list (see "Help|Keyboard shortcuts"). During export or print, you may choose whether to process current item or whole outline by checking only one option.

Support for AO 1.0 file formats. AO 2 uses new file format to store outlines. However, you may freely open AO 1 outlines. If you will not make any changes which require AO 2.0 file formats (this includes formatting or outline styles), then AO will save this document in the AO 1 format. Otherwise, AO prompts you to save this document in the new format or abandon not supported options (formatting and styles) and save in the old format. At any time you may save AO 2 document as AO 1 file (formatting and styles will be lost) or export part of the outline as AO 1 outline.

Free read-only viewer. Now you can share outline documents with your friends, colleagues and clients. Give them ActionOutline Viewer along with a document. Viewer shows any outline document, allows searching and printing.

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